We recognize america’s legacy of institutional racism and its continued harm. we will stand together to call out and tear down systemic barriers to health and economic security. we will fight against all forms of racism, conscious and unconscious; to ensure all our communities have equal opportunities and access.

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Our campaigns

  • In 2011, we organized Chinese seniors in Malden to win multilingual election poll workers.

  • We have hosted community discussions on:

    • Racial disparities in our justice system with D.A. Rachel Rollins

    • The racial equity issues of marijuana legalization with Tito Jackson

    • Diversity and representation in our political system with Nika Elguardo

  • We registered hundreds of new senior voters and engaging hundreds more, including Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Cape Verdean, and Spanish-speaking citizens in several electoral cycles.

  • We organized several candidates debates and forums to highlight diverse candidates.