HEALTH CARE UPDATE: Victory in the Senate, taking the first step toward increasing access to health care for over 50,000 seniors across the Commonwealth

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What did we win?

  • On Thursday, 11/9, the MA Senate approved our proposal to increase participation in Medicare Savings Programs! 
  • Medicare Savings Programs are a sweet deal to contain costs because they require no new spending! It facilitates a smarter use of existing state spending by shifting it to programs that leverage federal funding. Every dollar the state moves into MSPs will pull down 7 additional federal dollars that will go directly to senior health care costs. This will be a huge increase in the amount of money going toward senior health care.
  • 6 in 10 seniors living alone in MA do not have the income to meet their basic needs. This change will allow over 50,000 "near-poor" seniors to feel relief from having to choose between food, rent, and medical expenses. 


July 29, 2017: Boston Globe features stories shared by several MSAC members of having to choose between health care and other basic necessities. Elder economic insecurity has reached a point of crisis in Massachusetts, and seniors are saying, "Enough!"

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