Seniors continue to face rising out-of-pocket costs, coverage gaps, and other barriers to obtaining the care they need. MSAC believes that healthcare is a human right, and we will fight for comprehensive, affordable, high quality healthcare for all.

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The Problem: Massachusetts is falling behind in providing security for low-income elders. Read some alarming facts facing MA seniors:

  • 6 in 10 MA elders living alone do not have the income to meet basic needs.

  • 1 in 3 low-income seniors spend over 20% of their income on healthcare.

  • Massachusetts has the second highest number of income-insecure elders, behind only Mississippi

One of the causes of the crisis of elder income insecurity in MA is the Senior Healthcare Cliff. Elders fall of the Healthcare Cliff when they turn 65 and lose eligibility for healthcare assistance. Some of our members saw their healthcare costs go from around $60/month to over $400/month over night.

Medicare Savings Plans (MSPs) help some MA seniors with their healthcare costs, but many are left out because the state has not followed the lead of 13 other states and expanded access to the program.

The Solution: The time is now to bridge the gap to affordable healthcare for seniors. What we can do to reduce the age-based inequity: 

  1. Expand eligibility for the MSP program so that all seniors making less than $2,023/month are eligible for assistance. This would get 70,000 vulnerable MA seniors relief from high monthly premiums. (HB.1199, SB.699)

  2. Remove asset limits for MassHealth, giving more seniors access to valuable assistance. (HB.1200)

Ask your State Senator and State Representative to support expanding Medicare Savings Programs and MassHealth (HB.1199, HB.1200, SB.699).