Health Care

Seniors continue to face rising out-of-pocket costs, coverage gaps, and other barriers to obtaining the care they need. MSAC believes that healthcare is a human right, and we will fight for comprehensive, affordable, high quality health care for all.

Economic Security

More Americans, especially seniors, are more financially insecure now than they have been in the past 25 years. MSAC believes economic security is a right, not a privilege. we fight for a guaranteed, adequate income for all.


Thousands of people depend on affordable housing, while thousands more Americans are on the edge of being homeless. MSAC will fight for decent, safe, and sanitary housing for all at a price that people can afford and, to some degree, control.


Access to affordable transportation has been denied to thousands of seniors and disabled riders as they have been priced out of the public transit system. We will fight for public transit that is equitable, affordable, and accessible to all and that serves the social and economic needs of the community

racial justice

We recognize America’s legacy of institutional racism and its continued harm. We will stand together to call out and tear down systemic barriers to health and economic security. We will fight against all forms of racism, conscious and unconscious; to ensure all our communities have equal opportunities and access.

long-term care

As Americans live longer, the need for long-term care and caregivers will continue to grow, but the United states is ill-equipped to handle the current demand for long-term care. We will fight for long-term care to be delivered in the least restrictive environment as possible—preferably in the community first. All care must be high quality with strong protections to prevent abuse.

Corporate accountability

Corporations have been given excessive protections in this country. Corporation are not people and money is not speech. We will fight to ensure that the well-being of people should come before corporate profit.