Our Structure

Mass Senior Action's decision-making structure reflects our theory of change by deemphasizing hierarchies and focusing on diversity and inclusion. Most human organizations use rigid hierarchies to make decisions and get things done because it is usually faster and more efficient.

We prioritize the voices of our members, and that invites a different approach. Thus Mass. Senior Action's organization chart resembles more of a snowflake than a ladder-with a state Board of Directors (including an executive committee) at the center that radiates out to various chapter boards (officers in each communities) then again out to the broader membership. The key is that members on the State and Chapter Boards live in the communities that make up Mass. Senior Action, so there is a back-and-forth flow of ideas and information. Think of it as representative democracy with a healthy dose of direct democracy. 

We think of organizers as cheerleaders and coaches who can provide the tools and information for members to thrive, grow as leaders, and take action.